Photovoltaic | News
13 September 2021

Produce and consume your own electricity - independent, safe and economical

With photovoltaic systems on your roof, you generate your own electricity. Today's PV systems can be installed on almost any roof and in almost any location. They also produce solar power in winter or when the sky is cloudy. However, the production volumes are then significantly lower than in summer or when the sun is shining. That is why modern solutions are needed with which you can efficiently compensate for these fluctuations.

Using more of your own electricity - thanks to storage technology

With the SENEC.Home electricity storage system, you can store surplus solar electricity that your photovoltaic system produces, for example on long, sunny days. In this way, you increase the amount of electricity you consume yourself - and thus increase the economic efficiency of your PV system.

In addition, the SENEC.Cloud provides for flexible, automatic compensation

With the electricity cloud from SENEC, you achieve an optimal ratio of purchased green electricity and the feed-in quantities of your self-produced electricity. You thus optimise your energy costs despite the reduced feed-in tariffs.

Take advantage of the tailor-made energy concepts of the experienced SENEC specialist partner BeBa Energie

Thanks to Beba Energie, you get a carefully coordinated concept of sustainable electricity production, storage and electricity cloud use. Wallboxes for e-vehicles and smart home solutions can also be integrated. They also help you to use as much of your self-produced electricity as possible and save costs. Learn more about expertise, investment and planning security with BeBa Energie.