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13 September 2021

Independent wind energy experts for landowners, citizens and communities - Renewable Energy Works Schleswig-Holstein

If you want to erect wind turbines, are a landowner or would like advice on what is possible on your land, you have come to the right place: Erneuerbare Energiewerke Schleswig-Holstein is an association of wind energy experts - independent of manufacturers, experienced in projects and regionally rooted throughout Schleswig-Holstein.

Many of the founders of Energiewerke have their own wind turbines and are experts in successful project development

The network has extensive experience with approval procedures, implementation and operational management. They would like to make their know-how available to interested farmers, municipalities or citizens' initiatives. The Erneuerbare Energiewerke Schleswig-Holstein are discussion partners who carefully advise and take responsibility when it comes to application and approval procedures, planning or implementation. Erneuerbare Energiewerke Schleswig-Holstein also provides support in involving the various interest groups and involving local residents. Another focus is on careful analysis and advice in order to select suitable project partners. For example, not every lease offer from external companies is lucrative for local farmers, municipalities or citizens' associations.

With the Erneuerbare Energiewerke, potential wind power users check feasibility and economic viability

The experts analyse the initial situation, show and evaluate various options for action. Erneuerbare Energiewerke S-H designs and supervises applications, contracts, tendering procedures according to EEG, environmental impact assessments and financing models. In dialogue with the local players and all other project partners, the experts contribute to successful implementation. If desired, they take over the project management during construction, including the commissioning of all trades as well as the technical and economic operation.

In this way, local players are strengthened in the planning, construction and operation of their wind turbines

Citizens and communities benefit from the know-how of the 17 experts - as well as a contact person and person responsible for their successful wind energy project. The partners and founders of Erneuerbare Energiewerke are experienced engineers, farmers, wind farm operators, energy entrepreneurs, specialised architects, lawyers or tax consultants. One of the experts of Erneuerbare Energiewerke Schleswig-Holstein is Bernd Bartels. The electrical engineering master is the founder and managing director of BeBa Energie, which has already successfully implemented many renewable energy projects.