Wind energy | News
12 August 2021

BeBa Energie assists wind farm operators with site development, planning and approval procedures

In order to build a new wind farm, corresponding areas, land use plans and permits are required. BeBa Energie supports the stakeholders in the redrafting of regional and land use planning. With the aim of making the areas usable for the construction of wind turbines, BeBa Energie accompanies the approval and application procedures.

In doing so, customers benefit from years of experience in goal-oriented cooperation with authorities, politicians and project participants - not only on the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein, but also at other established or planned wind energy locations. In this way, BeBa Energie wants to play its part in ensuring that "2021 will be a real peak year for wind power in Schleswig-Holstein", as Heise Online quotes Kiel's Energy Minister Jan-Philipp Albrecht in August 2021.